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Work Hard, Eat Clean
& Be Consistent



The Pura Vida Ethos

PuraVida, literally translated means “Pure Life.” “Full of Life” “Purified life”, “This is living!”.
The Pura Vida Ethos is to have fun, be inspired and inspire others. Work Hard, Eat Clean but most of all be consistent, and form healthy habits, to form a long – life balance.
Pura Vida is a local community of like minded people, who are welcoming, polite and respectful of each other.

A Unique Personal Gym Space

Pura Vida is a private, fully equipped gym
It has easy free parking
Shower Facilities
Indoor/Outdoor Training Area
Natural Air & Light
It’s a ‘Green & Environment Friendly setup.
PT Sessions times from 6am-1pm Mon-Fri
Online Booking System – allows client flexibility
Individual Client Focus – Means ”Personal Training’ – not group training
All Pura Vida Trainers are BSc Degree Qualified and work together to help you fulfil your fitness potential.

Pura Vida (POO-rah VEE-dah),translated means “Pure Life.” “Full of Life” “Purified life”, “This is living!”, “Going great!”

Personal Training

We are qualified personal trainers, here to help you achieve the best results to reach your goals at a healthy pace.

Personal Training sessions are 30 mins in duration.
Warm up – 30 Mins – Pre planned ‘Warm up of the day’ will be given to you to complete, 30 mins before your PT session.

Online Personal Training

Keep your fitness up in the comfort of your home or work.
We can arrange online personal training sessions to fit around your schedule.
Get in contact to find out more

Over 40 Personal Training

Our speciality is Personal Training for the over 40′s, through Life Coaching & Nutrition, to which the team here, brings over 45 years experience to. 

To compliment the these, clients are offered a range of other group based sessions, including Injury Rehab, Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Outdoor Hiking, Healthy Retreats away. 

We work as team of Personal Trainers.

Family Fitness

Get all the family involved in our family sessions.
Improve your health and lifestyle as well as bonding at Pura Vida.

Stay Healthy Together.
 Each Exercise will be tailored to you and your family as each family is unique. 


Get The Best Results Possible

By addressing your overall life in its entirety, we can see the bigger picture and only then, design a suitable lifestyle and nutrition programme for you.

Session 1
Lifestyle Analysis

  • Life Stress
  • Time Management
  • Eating Times
  • ​Sleeping Quality
  • ​Training Times
  • ​Injury and health history

Session 2
Nutrition Analysis

  • Food Science
  • Meal content
  • Portion Size
  • ​Meal Regularity

Session 3
Body Analysis

  • Injury Exploration
  • Movement Analysis
  • Basic Body Measurements
  • ​Intro to the Warm Up – Workout of the Day Routine.


Pura Vida Fitness

Business Hours
Monday - Saturday: 
06:00 - 13:00    

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